A Scattering Service provides burials at sea, or scattering of cremated remains – an alternative to traditional land burials – in the Gulf of Mexico.  We operate from John’s Pass on Madeira Beach, in the Tampa Bay area on the west coast of Florida.

We are able to provide both an attended and or unattended scattering of cremated remains at sea for your loved one.  Our 37′ Bertram boat is comfortable, spacious and able to accommodate your small memorial group if you choose to accompany us.  Or, we can arrange to carry your loved one out to the deep blue Gulf of Mexico waters unaccompanied.

About Captain Dave Zalewski

Capt. Dave Zalewski has been working in the waters of the St Petersburg, Florida area since 1962 and has operated A Scattering Service and Lucky Too Charters for 30 years in the Madeira Beach area. His experience and knowledge ensures that every trip offshore in the Gulf of Mexico will provide a safe, comfortable and memorable experience. He has conducted more than 1500 burials at sea.