How do I ship cremated remains?

Shipping Cremated Remains is not difficult. Please print our Authorization for Scattering of Cremated Remains at Sea and send it along with the cremated remains.  All remains must be shipped via US Postal Service Registered Mail with authorization required.

Can I bring cremated remains to the airport and on the airplane?

Airlines do allow cremated remains. You must arrive early. They must be in a carry on bag and not checked. The ashes must be in an x-rayable container and you must have a copy of the death certificate.

You can also simply mail the cremated remains to me in advance of your arrival. See shipping instructions below.

Are there any forms to fill out?

There is a simple Authorization Form which allows A Scattering Service to perform the Sea Burial. This form requests the following information: date, name of deceased, name of authorizer, authorizer’s relationship to deceased, authorizer’s address, phone number and signature. Captain Dave will complete and file all the necessary forms required by the Environmental Protection Agency.

How long is the cruise?

Usually 1 ½ hours, but this can vary according to arrangements made prior to departure.

Is there a restroom on board?


How about refreshments?

 You may bring soft drinks, bottled water, or any beverage of your choice. 

Can I request a certain song be played?

Absolutely. Just let us know in advance. If you want to create a playlist and bring your own iPod, you can plug it directly into the stereo. This is your day and we will do everything we can to make it as enjoyable and stress free as possible.